a photographic record of my life

Exterior insulation - neighbour's house
This is a brief photo documentary of external insulation being added to my neighbour's house.
These houses are made from poured concrete - they were known as Wimpy no-fines homes.
During 2012 - 2014 it became popular to clad these houses with Celotex or a similar insulation. This was then rendered according to the owner's specification.
As can be seen form the images, my neighbour chose a white render.
I'm sure that this does indeed improve the thermal properties of the house, however my concern is losing visibility of the (exterior) concrete structure, as these houses have been known to develop cracks, which when covered with insulation and render will not be visible internally, until they have gone right through the wall.
We chose not to have our house done.
It has been noticed that during the summer, our neighbour's house looks to be too warm now as even on the coolest of days, just about every window is open.